Telecom Handel

The leading retail magazine of the Telecommunications branch in Germany

Telecom Handel's target groups are the classical telco and mobile phone retailers, system vendors and the corresponding departments in electronic entertainment and multimedia retailers, computer and office equipment retailers (qualified target group dispatch).

Telecom Handel reports fortnightly on cutting-edge, hands-on and sales oriented basis about new products and business strategies in the field of telecommunication devices and services. Telecom Handel mirrors the telco market and offers insights about all important topics to the point of branch related contents like home network (smart home), home entertainment, Web-Tablets and Netbooks.

Retailers will find in Telecom Handel exclusively investigated overviews on products and vendors. Furthermore, you will be provided with market reports, shopping guides, mobile phone tests as well as with lists about prices and tariffs.

Periodical readers polls evaluate manufacturers, telephone companies and distributors and do thus round up the range on information for the telco branch.