Siegen/Hannover, 01.02.2016

Solution for Corporate Publishing and Content Marketing: InterRed at CeBIT 2016

InterRed GmbH is presenting the latest version of its corporate publishing and content marketing solution at CeBIT 2016. Optimized for companies and service providers, this enables the creation, management and output of all content and links all relevant output channels. Corporate Publishing thereby becomes Corporate Multi Channel Publishing.

Corporate Multi Channel Publishing

Corporate, marketing and sales communications has evolved, and along with it, the demands on the staff and the technology that are using it. Whether it be customer or employee magazines, annual reports, catalogs, websites, social media, intranet, newsletters or apps: Both companies and their service providers must increasingly take media into account, constantly adapting their content in new forms while simultaneously being compelled to save resources.

Given that one of the most important factors in these challenges is the technology behind these processes, InterRed is introducing the latest version of its Multi Channel Publishing solution at CeBIT 2016. In so doing, the creation, management and publication of content, no matter what kind and which output channel, is both simplified and optimized. Companies are thus able to achieve their goals in corporate publishing and content marketing more efficiently.

As a uniform tool that runs and manages all media, the InterRed integrated solution can be used for both, all as well as individual output channels. And all of this, completely browser-based and therefore platform and location-independent.

One solution for print, online, app

As an integral part of the InterRed Multi Channel Publishing Strategy, other channels may supplement the solution at any time. Businesses can start with their individual needs, such as with the print editorial system, for example, or the Web Content Management System, or the app publishing system. Should the strategy change or expand, the system itself can also be expanded at any time to a full Multi Channel Publishing strategy, including the content already produced. This makes the solution extremely future-proof.

The individual system components include all the features needed for media production.

For example in the area of print media, these include planning, magazine/newspaper page layout, and browser-based layout processing of print pages as well as integrated plugins for bidirectional communications with Adobe InDesign.

In the area of web content management, flexible site control up to the high load range is possible, e.g. including SEO and storytelling tools, A/B and multi-variant testing and integration of a wide range of advertising and business models.

Thanks to the InterRed solution, the production of attractive media-compatible tablet and smartphone publications designed with minimal effort creates a central brand access for mobile target groups that have thus far only experienced the company‘s brand through print or web channels.

When using multiple components, the InterRed MediaSync feature ensures intelligent content synchronization across various media. This results in efficient Multi Channel Writing and allows for easy switching between different media channels.

Publishing solution live at CeBIT

These and all other InterRed solution options will be presented live from March 14th to March 18th at CeBIT 2016 in Hall 6, Stand C30/D29. In joint discussions, the on-site consultants will analyze the precise needs of the company in order to determine the optimal solution. It‘s not just about finding the right software, but also about identifying the right corporate content strategy.

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