Social Web

Social Web, often used as a synonym for "Web 2.0", is the current further development of the so far general understanding of web presences, supplemented by often already existing, now consequently used interactive web applications. Social Web, in a more narrow sense and distinguished from Web 2.0, stands for the interactive use of the web up to "one-to-one-communication". From this point of view, the community and the creation of own networks is at the centre, and less the consequent use of interactivity.

While until now web portals where mainly used for the mere provision of information by the website owner, with the customers at most being able to exchange ideas in confined sections, for example forums, today’s Social Web Portals do include the customer in the entire content creation or even live completely from the content generated by the customers. You can find more about the support of this technology by InterRed under "Web 2.0 technology with InterRed Online" .