SmartLayout: Automatic layout, automated print production

As a special highlight, the InterRed editorial system offers automatic layout creation of print pages. With the InterRed SmartLayout technology, online or agency content, for example, can be easily and automatically transformed into print productions.

This technology, which works with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), thus revolutionises print production. At the same time, the typical look of the print edition is preserved. This also enables the optimal implementation of publishing strategies such as digital first. With such digital publishing-focused approaches, the AI-based possibilities for automation achieve great advantages and can significantly increase the efficiency of print production. Since much of the work involved in creating print pages is in the area of layout, there is great potential here to optimise the corresponding workflows.

Artificial intelligence: Smart AI - sticks to limits you can rely on

The functions of the InterRed publishing solution free editors and layouters from time-consuming writing on line of articles. As a completely browser-based editorial system, the possibilities of InterRed SmartLayout are available in the browser in a location-independent and flexible manner. Online or even agency content is simply dragged and dropped onto the printed page. Everything else is done by the integrated AI solution, an artificial intelligence, InterRed Smart AI. It sticks to limits that you can rely on. The fact that newspapers created at the touch of a button, for example, retain their typical appearance is a decisive advantage. AI methods follow rules that are very easy to define. Once defined, the AI does not perform layout operations beyond the defined limits, the software thus controls itself.

InterRed SmartLayout offers, among other things:

  • Definition of degrees of freedom
  • Maintenance of corporate design
  • Automated page layout

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