Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe

The Saarbrücken Newspaper Group (Rheinische Post Media Group) relies on InterRed for its print and online production. It is a medium-sized media company based in Saarbrücken, in which the Rheinische Post Media Group has held a majority stake since 2013. Other shareholders are the society for state education Saar and the employees of the Saarbrücken newspaper. The turnover of the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe is around 350 million euros per year. In Germany and abroad, it employs more than 3,000 people. Its core business areas are in publishing and services.

The publishing area includes, among others, the regional daily newspapers Saarbrücker Zeitung, Trierischer Volksfreund and Pfälzischer Merkur, as well as various magazines and advertising papers, including associated digital presentations. The daily newspaper titles from the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe reach about 950,000 readers every day with a sold circulation of 280,000 copies. The digital news offers by the newspaper titles are retrieved more than 5.2 million times per month. A further component of the publishing activities are various advertisements with a weekly circulation of nearly 2.0 million copies. In addition, the company group is involved in two local radio stations with bigFM Saarland and Radio Cottbus and operates as a postal and printing service provider. A key part of the services provided by the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe is the international business concentrated in the AMPLEXOR subgroup in the fields of professional services, language services (translation / localisation), marketing and corporate publishing as well as administration of technical documents. AMPLEXOR has around 1,800 employees at 40 locations in 22 countries.