Open Data Services (ODS)

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) is still a relevant issue for the IT sector. After the storage of data has been centralized by content management systems (CSM), it is important to standardise the cooperation between the applications of a company in the form of data exchange and work flow. The key to this lies in uniform operating-system-independent interfaces that work distributed, as well as in 'intelligent repositories' that go one step further than usual CMS.

The Open Data Services (ODS) of InterRed are based on the W3C-standard SOAP. Due to the WSDL-standard (Web Service Description Language), web services on other platforms and programming languages (Java, .NET, etc.) can be easily integrated. Via the central data bus different data providers can make information available, which can then be used by any data requester through the central interface.

The entire business logic of InterRed is available to the Open Data Services. Thereby, for example, automatic tasks can be created for system users when data suppliers provide new information via the ODS.

The central data bus considerably reduces the complexity of heterogeneous system environments. The numerous and often disorderly grown bidirectional interfaces between different systems can be replaced by standardized SOA interfaces, which access the data in the central content management system.