Krafthand Medien

Krafthand Medien is a medium-sized knowledge and information service provider with powerful print, online and digital brands for automotive service industry, automobile industry and construction. Practicality, quality and value have always been their focus since their founding in 1927.

Business journalist Walter Schulz founded the magazine "Die Reparatur-Werkstatt," a technical journal for repair shops and service stations, in Berlin in 1927. It was soon renamed "Kraftfahrzeug-Handwerk", abbreviated to specialist journal KRAFTHAND.

KRAFTHAND is an independent technical magazine for automotive trade and pictures itself as a guide for motor vehicle entrepreneurs and workshop professionals. It is published twice a month, with 24 issues per year, four of them being double issues. Their current circulation is approximately 22,000 distributed copies.

The editorial focus is on:

  • Workshop practice
  • Components & systems
  • Automotive engineering
  • Workshop law
  • Business practice

Both the printed version of "KRAFTHAND" as well as its mobile formats are produced with InterRed.

Steffen Karpstein, Managing Director of Krafthand Medien GmbH: "InterRed enables us to realize our cross-media corporate strategy. High quality content is our capital, its efficient marketing and distribution across a wide variety of media channels is our purpose. InterRed's Content Management System provides us with a high degree of automation in the workflow process, gives us independence of other service providers and therefore possibilities of an inexpensive digital publishing and paves the way for exciting concepts of enhanced revenue models."