Siegen/Bad Wörishofen, 02.11.2015

Krafthand Medien: Publishing with InterRed in Print and App

Krafthand Medien GmbH has opted for print and app publishing with InterRed. Both the technical magazine KRAFTHAND and its associated iOS and Android apps are created with the uniform multi-channel publishing solution. Together with InterRed GmbH, the publisher has taken a large step into digital future and simultaneously opened up new monetization models.

Editorial system and app publishing solution by InterRed

The specialist publishing house Krafthand Medien GmbH, founded in 1927, now produces their independent technical magazine KRAFTHAND with InterRed. Every two weeks the magazine provides workshop professionals with cross-thematic information from areas such as workshop practice, components and systems, automotive engineering, workshop law and corporate practice. With the multi-channel publishing solution by InterRed, the content created for the print edition is now available on iOS and Android devices in the form of a free app which offers a number of added features by providing a varied and informative mix of magazine and live content. Enriched with multimedia content, additional photo galleries, videos and interviews, it also gives a more comprehensive and deeper insight into new practices or newly released products. Each edition can be purchased individually or by subscription and stored locally on a smartphone or tablet. In connection with search and archive functions, looking up topics or searching for products is made much more convenient. New editions are published two days before the print edition and may be supplemented with last minute information if needed. Additionally, the app exclusively provides several special features, e.g. the examination of various aspects on a current topic.

Both Apple (iPhone / iPad) and Android devices are supported. All delivered content is displayed natively on the respective devices and is optimized for unit size and resolution.

Genuine mobile app magazine with cutting-edge monetization models

The new KRAFTHAND app offers much more than the usually utilized scrollable PDFs which only provide a one-to-one mapping of the printed paper version. Krafthand Medien GmbH demanded more - and rightly so. Via the app editions created with InterRed, KRAFTHAND looks like a true mobile magazine, attractively decorated and suitable for the media, prepared as smartphone or tablet publication.

This also establishes new ways of digital monetization for the publishing house. By combining content and advertising revenues in apps, both advertising spaces (e.g. via cross-editional playout of ads) as well as paid content can be offered (e.g. the retail sale of issues, different forms of subscription, etc.). It’s easy now to create topic-based special features from the extensive publishing archive of Krafthand Medien GmbH at any time without the financial risk of a print production. Compared to the printing of special issues, this presents more opportunities to offer already existing or up-to-date content efficiently and economically.

Steffen Karpstein, Managing Director at Krafthand Medien, is convinced of the benefits of the InterRed solution: "InterRed enables us to realize our cross-media corporate strategy. High quality content is our capital, its efficient marketing and distribution across a wide variety of media channels is our purpose. InterRed's Content Management System provides us with a high degree of automation in the workflow process, gives us independence of other service providers and therefore possibilities of an inexpensive digital publishing and paves the way for exciting concepts of enhanced revenue models."