Siegen, 19.04.2021

InterRed wins European Publishing Award 2021

InterRed's knowledge management solution has won the European Publishing Award 2021. The InterRed ContentAgents complement the InterRed publishing solution as an AI module and support publishers in the area of intelligent knowledge management. This includes the intelligent recognition of current trends, topics and related content, automated text shortening, the creation of dossiers or the identification of keywords, persons or unique selling points.

InterRed wins the European Publishing Award 2021 with its AI module, the InterRed ContentAgents.

InterRed ContentAgents: the winning tool

The European Publishing Awards annually honour the best newspapers, magazines, corporate and digital media in Europe. These include the European Digital Publishing Award, which is presented to media companies and (software) service providers that focus on the production of content-driven products. In the "Tools" category, the solutions necessary and used for this are evaluated, without which digital media products are inconceivable.

The InterRed ContentAgents solution, which was awarded as the winner, starts exactly at this point and supports editors, copywriters, layouters, content marketing specialists and all those who work in the area of planning, creating, editing, managing and producing content. As a supplementary and versatile tool in the area of content publishing, a semantic, intelligent linking of content can thus take place, especially with a large number of contents (keyword "Big Data"). By using state-of-the-art methods, the ContentAgents as an AI component are both an innovative recommendation system and an intelligent search.

The tool also supports the early detection of trends and relevant topics with important questions: What are my customers and readers interested in? What new topics are currently developing? Have we already covered these topics? If so, to what extent and under which aspects? What are the others writing about?

In content creation, automated text shortening ensures that texts are shortened to predefined lengths in line with the content, which offers added value both for the creation of print content and in the digital environment for websites, apps and social media. Further application examples are the recognition of keywords, persons, associations, synonyms or the recommendation of thematically suitable images.

In addition, new features from the field of artificial intelligence are constantly being developed, among other things in close cooperation with universities, not least in order to supplement the central solution, the InterRed ContentHub, with further module elements.

InterRed: Central Content Hub and Multi Channel Publishing

As an AI tool, the ContentAgents fit seamlessly into the overall InterRed solution. The modular InterRed ContentHub serves as a central, common communication platform for all content production steps. This allows the entire content workflow and publishing to be covered, starting with strategic action, campaign and topic planning, content creation and content management, integrated digital asset management, communication, workflow and business process management, the aforementioned AI modules, right through to the publication of content in all output channels (print and digital).

As a flexible solution, existing systems can also be integrated through numerous open interfaces. In this way, the InterRed ContentHub connects previously separate content silos and thus creates the possibility of central and uniform content management.