Siegen/Wien, 29.08.2016

InterRed publishing solution at World Publishing Expo 2016

InterRed exhibits its future-proof multi-channel publishing solution for print, online and app editions at the World Publishing Expo 2016 (WAN-IFRA) in Vienna. In addition to the latest release of their innovative publishing software, InterRed will showcase up-to-date solutions and strategies for editorial systems, web content management, cost-effective multi-channel writing and paid content at booth C.652.

In-browser DTP and intelligent content-synchronization

Not only "traditional" publishing houses, but every company that - in the broadest sense - publishes content for their customers is in need of innovative solutions to meet current and future challenges. InterRed is a unique all-in-one solution to manage several media channels from within one system. Offering a web content management system, a print editorial system and app publishing, the creation, management and publication of content from one central place directly from your web browser is made easy. Integrated features such as topic and page planning, defining layouts and in-browser DTP, plugins for bi-directional communication with Adobe InDesign and the intelligent synchronization of content between different channels of distribution accelerate and simplify editorial processes significantly. InterRed enables efficient simultaneous working on different publications, (regional) editions and variants as well as content.

Paid content, digital business models and apps

Apart from print production, InterRed as a cross-media multi-channel solution offers a wide array of features for digital media outlets. Alongside the flexible content management of web portals (scalable up to the high-load range), offering SEO-, storytelling- and teaser-management tools, InterRed facilitates the implementation and application of diverse business models and advertising schemes for websites as well as app publications. But an app made with InterRed is not merely a facsimile of a print-paper. While being easy-to-use, InterRed AppPublishing provides added value by supplying useful additional functionalities, e.g. news, shops, location-based maps and products or implementation of social networks. Unobstructed publishing workflows are an important factor of success as well as reducing production costs. To comply with these standards it is oftentimes inevitable to review established business models and work processes.

New features, strategies and comprehensive consultation

InterRed, a member of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), invites you to discuss these challenges at the World Publishing Expo in Vienna from October 10-12th at booth C.652. Visitors will have the chance to take a look at InterRed’s multi-channel publishing system’s latest features and also receive personal consultation on optimizing production processes. To avoid unnecessary waiting times please make an appointment in advance via telephone, email or through our website.