Siegen/Stuttgart, 27.03.2014

InterRed editorial system for Motor Presse Stuttgart

Motor Presse Stuttgart continues to rely on InterRed as its technological basis. Online portals of magazines such as 'Auto, Motor und Sport' were already using the InterRed content management system, and now the printed catalogue 'autokauf' is being generated using the web-based editorial system from InterRed.

Free choice of editorial workflow / semi-automatic approach

By using the InterRed editorial system, publishers are free to choose the workflows used. The editors of the quarterly catalogue 'autokauf' opted for a semi-automatic approach. The basis of this is the connection to the highly comprehensive vehicle database of Motor Presse. In the first step, information such as basic data and tables is automatically retrieved and generated using the content of the database. This also includes automated rules and filters which compile the various vehicle, engine and model data, not to mention suitable cell styles, colours etc. Besides the tables, other content can then be added to the catalogue – vehicle-specific descriptions, for example – either directly in the editorial system or in Adobe InDesign. Additionally, the content is prepared in such a way that other formats, and thus even publications, can be displayed in other output media such as apps.

Multi-channel publishing with InterRed

With a print run of 60,000 copies, each with approximately 250 pages, 'autokauf' provides a complete multimedia buying guide to the German car market. Thanks to multi-channel publishing with InterRed, the full market overview is available both in print and partially on the website This added value is discernible for both the readers and the editors.