InterRed Social: Social Media Management Tool

InterRed Social enables the publication of content in social media such as Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, etc.. This also includes integrated community management, whereby comments, likes and other reactions can be recorded, checked by sentiment analysis (positive/negative) and answered.

As an edition of the integrated overall solution, the InterRed ContentHub, the tool fits perfectly into the overall content marketing and multi-channel publishing concept.

Thanks to the features included in InterRed, those responsible for social media (e.g. social media managers or editors) benefit from the many advantages of the comprehensive social media tool. This includes the intelligent synchronisation of content between social networks (Facebook, YouTube, X (Twitter) etc.) and traditional channels such as online, print and app. This is made possible by the sophisticated technology of InterRed MediaSync. This makes content creation (Content Creation) as well as content management (Content Management) efficient.

In combination with topic and campaign planning, digital asset management and comprehensive business process management, InterRed Social forms a comprehensive social media management platform.

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The efficient social media management software

Scalable, central management of social media channels. For all industries, all departments, all teams. For Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube,...

Due to its scalability, the social media management tool InterRed Social is suitable for all company sizes, a wide range of industries and company departments. This allows agencies as well as publishers, (content) marketing, corporate communications, specialised social media departments and entire content newsrooms to work as a team with one central social media platform.

With InterRed Social, many different pages, profiles and accounts can be managed simultaneously and centrally on the same basis. This means that, for example, regionalisation and personalisation can be optimally controlled with separate accounts. In combination with the advantages provided by functions such as intelligent content synchronisation with InterRed MediaSync and the multiple use of content, this allows a wide variety of target groups to be served simultaneously.

Community management and moderation

With InterRed Social's community management, you edit and respond to comments, tweets and other user-generated content directly in the system. By connecting the AI component InterRed ContentAgents, these posts and reactions are automatically checked and filtered for positive and negative reactions using sentiment analysis. This makes it much easier to classify and quickly respond to comments, likes and other reactions. This includes the various social networks such as Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram, but also the comment functions on your own website.

Indexing and import

All social media content centrally accessible - no matter where, when and how created.

As a complete social media tool, InterRed Social manages all content published via your own social media accounts. It does not matter whether these posts, tweets or contributions were created directly via InterRed or directly in the respective social media channel. Even content published in the past can be imported into the tool retrospectively.

This is because InterRed collects all of its own social media content and stores it clearly, searchably and reusably in its own system, even if it was published via other tools or directly via the apps of the social networks.

This allows for maximum flexibility, as any desired path can be used. At the same time, the extensive community management can be used for all content to get a complete overview of all comments and reactions and to be able to react to them.

This complete overview of all social media content published so far forms a comprehensive archive function and thus also the possibility to reuse and recycle content.

Social Media Analytics

Another module is the area of social media analysis and analytics. For this purpose, the usage data and engagement of all published content is displayed. This includes, for example, likes, comments, shares, views or retweets. This enables effective analysis and evaluation of social media marketing to improve and optimise performance. In this way, previously defined goals for measuring success can be continuously reviewed and progress analysed.

More Features

The features of the overall publishing solution InterRed offer further exclusive advantages for the area of social media.

Further features of InterRed Social

Theme and campaign planning

The planning of suitable topics and campaigns via integrated topic planning enables comprehensive organisation, even across social media. This means that relevant topics, e.g. for content marketing, can be optimally planned with different views (e.g. list view, calendar view), different filters (e.g. channels / portals, period, responsibility, planning status, campaign) and search options.

Intelligent synchronisation of content

With the InterRed MediaSync function, content such as text, images or videos can be intelligently synchronised and matched across all channels. This is possible both across media (e.g. social media, online, app, print) and across channels (e.g. Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram).

Another advantage is the multiple use and exploitation of content. Content that has already been created can be used for numerous other social media platforms, channels or profiles at the touch of a button. Content adjustments such as changes or (spelling) corrections can be made across all synchronised content at the touch of a button. The advantage is obvious: be it for different pages, profiles and accounts - content management becomes more efficient and noticeably simplified.

Digital Asset Management

The media database integrated in InterRed enables digital asset management within InterRed Social. For example, images for the individual social media can be created and used directly in the appropriate resolution and with additional functions such as automatic image focus, image cropping and image scaling. The management of all media content, the import and export of extensive metadata, the connection of existing image databases, the search functions or the rights and exploitation management as well as the automated remuneration and proof of use thus complement InterRed Social with a comprehensive digital asset management.

Business Process Management

With the integrated Business Process Management, optimal coordination is possible, both within departments and across departments and companies. This includes, on the one hand, the texts, images, videos and other content to be published and, on the other hand, the checking and answering of reactions and comments by the community management. Functions such as task management, the possibility to vote on comments, to monitor any post or other content in order to be automatically notified of changes enable optimal planning and coordination even in larger teams. This also includes the integrated process and workflow management as well as the rights management.

InterRed Social thus enables effective content marketing for social media.