In-house newsletters, customer magazines, brochures, annual reports, catalogs

The InterRed Print editorial system not only allows journalistic and corporate editorial content to be conveniently and centrally collected and managed, but also makes it possible, as part of efforts to strengthen the corporate identity and coordinate management of the brand, to provide that content to readers or customers in their choice of format. It is irrelevant whether customer contact is attempted by newsletter, magazine or brochures or informing shareholders about corporate results in the form of an annual report; whether trying to optimise editorial or sales processes or integrating them to strengthen the corporate identity. Thanks to its many years of successful use in both industry and publishing, InterRed Print is the ideal editorial system for converging your corporate publishing channels.

InterRed Print is operated, content is edited and print products are designed via a browser-based interface. This ensures platform- and location-independent editing. Content can thus be created and edited in a browser window, a desktop publishing programme or in Microsoft Office. Data is exchanged in both directions between the application and the InterRed system, with all changes automatically saved to the central data storage. The option to restrict access rights means that certain areas (e.g. employee newsletter, customer magazine, brochures, annual reports, catalogs) may be allocated and their activities controlled.