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Kommunikations- und Werbeagentur
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48431 Rheine

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Eilinghoff + Team GmbH & Co. KG


Convince and inspire, not persuade and confuse.

The competition is big. The information and advertisement overloads are even bigger. All are courting the audience's favour, who increasingly learns to look away, to turn a deaf ear, to zap or click away.

Therefore, responsible communication work has to concentrate on quality, identity and integration. Not the size of a company is of importance, but the profile, the flexibility, the courage to do something new, to ask uncomfortable questions and find unusual solutions. That's what we stand up for. In the interest of our customers. With enthusiasm, with seriousness and creativity.

Seriousness and creativity are not mutually exclusive. In contrary. Seriousness without creativity is insipid. Creativity without seriousness is hollow. Target-oriented communication has to be engaged with the world of the person opposite. For who has not the power to order, has to have the strength to convince. This might be in a glaring and irritating, a decent or a confirming way. But always with respecting the people who should be reached. - Speak with us. We stand up for you. For you becoming stronger.

Our agency is divided into three departments: ClassiCS, MediCI und ServiCI

ClassiCS – for industry and trade

MediCI- for hospitals and social institutions

ServiCI – for public institutions, hotels and gastronomy