Data volumes: Keeping the overview, retrieving data

InterRed is provided with several ways to the content. Thereby the user does keep the overview, even for large amounts of information.

1. Way: Central filtering module

InterRed allows the defining of the content shown in the overview table for each "content-type". Thereby all articles are displayed standardized with their meta-data (publishing, work flow, editor, etc.) and the "appropriate" information from the content. For a faster finding of content filtering and sorting is possible.

2. Way: OneClickEdit

By the "OneClickEdit" technology a direct access through the InterRed-preview is made possible. Small "OneClickEdit" symbols are displayed in the preview, enabling a direct editing of the respective content in its entry mask.

3. Way: ID-accesses

Each content that is administrated by InterRed automatically receives a number (ID). InterRed publishes this number, for example, together with further information at the end of the source code and into the URL of each website. By entering this number in the InterRed main menu the entry mask of the respective content can be directly accessed – provided that the user has the required rights.