The "BundesBauBlatt" is the medium for real estate and housing industry in Germany.

The BundesBauBlatt is the only magazine published by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. The reader gets informed about basic information regarding the topics regional planning, city planning, housing industry, building law and constructional engineering. As the official first publication, the latest statistical data about the housing and building industry are published each month. The BundesBauBlatt is the only specialist magazine that reaches all decision marker groups in this segment, comprising private enterprise and non-profit companies, as well as house and real estate management departments and authorities that act in the residential construction and management sector.
In addition to the monthly print publication, the magazine also has an informative online portal at www.bundesbaublatt.de. The online version is created fully automatec when the associated print version is dispatched.

The print publication, as well as the online appearance, is produced on the basis of InterRed.