Bauverlag relies on multi-channel publishing with InterRed: already the technological basis for almost all print and online publications, the content management and editorial system InterRed is also used at Bauwelt. Both the print magazine, the website, as well as the iPhone and iPad app are produced with InterRed.

Bauverlag, with around 135 employees and 18 magazines, again demonstrates with the use of InterRed for various media channels at Bauwelt that the software used in publishing houses must meet the requirements of future-proof publishing as an important basis of editorial processes and successful business models.

More information about Bauwelt you can find in the press release.

Boris Schade-B├╝nsow, editor in chief at Bauwelt: "It is important for us to reach our target groups on multiple channels. This now includes digital media in addition to the magazine, such as websites and an app. We deliberately decided against establishing a separate editorial staff for these media. This also would not be economically feasible. That's why it is important that all output channels from a system are filled by the same colleagues. InterRed makes this possible."