Bastei Lübbe

Bastei Lübbe relies on the Content Management System InterRed in the sectors online, as well as print.

The Bastei Lübbe AG is a medium-sized book publisher in Germany.

The traditional company, which is located in Cologne, publishes in seven publishing houses belletristic literature in the form of novels, novel series and audio books.

The master data (books) are stored in the content management system InterRed, and are then published in various media. The central data storage enables consistency, quality and the optimization of publisher-internal processes regarding the production of book and audio covers and ads, as well as internal information, web presences and printed publisher registers.

The optimization and "automation" of previously in departments separate thinking sections, as editorial office, production, sales, design and marketing, leads to a direct process optimization. Initiated by the entering in the master data system, the data are passed on to the responsible departments. The productive use and editing can then take place solely in the content management system InterRed, with all editors being able to access the same master data. In this way, publisher projects can be managed and optimized out of one source, in print and online, from the recording of the authors, over controlling the print run, up to advertising and publication of "publisher information".

Already for a long time the Bastei Lübbe AG is trusting successfully in the technological competence of the InterRed GmbH.