The InterRed editorial system is the technical basis for the Sunday newspaper BILD am SONNTAG. In addition to Europe’s biggest daily newspaper, BILD, the BILD am SONNTAG editorial team also uses the multi-channel publishing system InterRed for production.

BILD am SONNTAG has been keeping its readers updated on current affairs every week for more than 50 years, and offers exclusive interviews in areas such as politics, the economy, sport and leisure, as well as many professional advice columns for all areas of life. With a distribution of over ten million readers, BILD am SONNTAG is Germany’s biggest Sunday newspaper – the opportunity for advertisements to be tailored to different regions also promotes the marketing activities of the paper.

In addition to using InterRed for successful websites such as COMPUTER BILD or AUTO BILD, InterRed realized another successful project together with Axel Springer SE within a very short time. The demands were high: accessibility around the clock to meet all of the editorial needs, introduction parallel to the production of BILD on the same system, a newspaper with a particularly free layout, and a high working speed and performance combined with a safeguarding system even when the demands on the system are high. However, the excellent cooperation between Axel Springer and the software and system company InterRed ensured that the project was implemented quickly and to a high standard.