The B.Z. is the largest daily newspaper in Berlin with the richest tradition. For 135 years, it has been an unmistakable hallmark of the city.

Day after day, the B.Z. reflects the soul of Berlin. As a modern popular newspaper, it knows the emotions of the people in the metropolis. It presents news from Berlin and Brandenburg, reports, sports, culture, puzzles and the scene - quickly and to the point.

The editorial approach of the B.Z. stands out:

  • With competent authors for politics and world events
  • With its own culture section
  • With a big, competent sports section
  • With two service pages that give practical tips for everyday life
  • With a 4-page puzzle special on Fridays


Peter Huth, chief editor B.Z.: The B.Z. is looking forward to using InterRed and I would once again like to thank everyone for the great, on-time, professional work. [...] This way we create the ideal conditions to be on all media channels faster than ever before and closer to our readers.