Aachener Zeitung / Aachener Nachrichten


With its eight local editions, Aachener Nachrichten reaches more than 143,000 readers daily in the Aachen region and the districts of Düren and Heinsberg. An online portal and an ePaper complete the printed edition.

The war was still raging in most other regions of Germany when the first issue of Aachener Nachrichten appeared on January 24, 1945. The circulation of 12,000 copies at the price of 20 Pfennig is quickly sold out. In the beginning, allied press officers were in charge of the newspaper. Otto Pesch, news journalist of the first hour, formulated in the night to 8 May 1945 the most well-known headline of the news: "The war is over! A few weeks later, on June 27, 1945, the Aachener Nachrichten passes into German hands with licence no. 1.

Today, the Aachener Nachrichten with its eight local editions reaches more than 143,000 readers daily in the city region of Aachen and the districts of Düren and Heinsberg. The editorial offices are very close and consistently offer regional and local reporting, exclusively researched for the reader. The online portal expands the content of the printed newspaper and provides the user with a wealth of additional information. With the ePaper app for the iPad, the user has access to the complete ePaper edition of Aachener Nachrichten as well as the digital archive.

Aachener Nachrichten Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH & Co.KG (ANV) has been part of the Rheinische Post Media Group since 1996. Through ANV, the media group holds a 30 percent stake in Zeitungsverlag Aachen (ZVA). This publishes Aachener Nachrichten and other newspaper titles in the city of Aachen and the surrounding area.