A/B- and multi-variants-test

Website content should be fitted to the user behavior and user expectations in the best possible way. But how can one find out whether a product picture is better displayed large or small, a title text is better written short or comprehensive, a control element is better placed on the left or on the right? How can the analysis of click-rates be used for the optimization of the display of teasers?

With the content management system InterRed Online or Enterprise, A/B- or multi-variants-tests (from InterRed 12 onwards) can be set up in a simple way and be used for easily and quickly analyzing the effects of content and its alternatives on the website users. Thereby, the InterRed A/B- and multi-variants-test enables, for example, the placing of several teasers at the same teaser-slot. The alternative content is then automatically published on the website for different user test groups that are defined by the system. The acceptance of the individual variants is automatically and in real-time analysed by InterRed LiveReporting on the basis of the relationship between page impressions and clicking behavior. In this process, the most successful teaser can be selected. The obtained data are immediately made available in the content management system InterRed Online/Enterprise. In this way, the live data can be monitored directly after a test has been activated.